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Me & "Benny"The whole interest for cats started with a little kitten called Mimmi, which a neighbour hade. The father where a Norwegian Forest Cat and the mother also where a mix with Norwegian Forest Cat. The kitten where a little female that none wanted to have. We thought she was the absolute sweetest kitten in the litter and also when she grew up. Unfortunately she was outside one day and she disappeared and never came home. At that point I had decided that the next cat should be a Norwegian Forest Cat with a pedigree since we really liked the temperament of NFC.

The choice of breeder wasn't really hard either, since I had sold a horse to Christina & Jerry Engström in Kvibille, IDP*Sjövikens. So we went there and looked! There were a litter just born and a bluetortiesmoke female, IDP*Sjövikens Zelda, we really fell for. We now call her Tussan. The point was that we would have a litter after her, but after a couple of attempts with no result being pregnant, we went out to IDP*Sjövikens again to look for another female. This time there was a blacktortie and white female, IDP*Sjövikens Greta, we call her Maja.

We where very happy when it showed that Greta where pregnant with CH S*Sjöliden's Prince Cupido and became mother of out first litter 25 of May 2005. "Now the carousel where started! " We changed association from IDP to SVERAK and also the cats should be transferred. And there where papers that should be sent here and there. Cattery name should also be made up and be sent away.

I have got a lot of help from Jennie Blomgren, S*Sjöliden's, that have "kept an eye on me" and told me which papers I will fill in and to who they should be sent and which homepages I should enter and which clubs and to who I should notify and so on. *Puh* ! THANKS JENNIE!

The 10:th of June we got our cattery-name, S*Sjöjungfruns, registered in FIFe. The choice of cattery-name surely depends on that with 4 kids in the family you live in the world of fairytales. Since the kids have been a part of coming up with names it feels rather good with Disney-figures.

Our family consists of as I said 4 kids (Joakim 15, Angelica 14, Felicia 11 and Niklas 9 years), me (Lena) and my partner Johnny Nerland. Johnny is a truck driver  and I work in a photo-store (Göte Karlsson Foto), a little in the shop and a little with bookkeeping.

The cats live with us as family members a goes around where they want in the house. They are also outside in a harness. The kittens from us are as you can understand used to kids and we spent a lot of time with them so they will be as social as possible.

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